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Interior Lighting Design & Installation

Gone are the days of a single bulb hanging in the middle of a room. Savvy property owners and renovators understand that interior lighting is painting with light across task, accent and ambient lighting palettes.

Every home needs clear and uninterrupted task lighting over key areas such as kitchen benches, bathroom mirrors and home offices.

Accent lighting through pendants and downlights can be a design feature in their own right or draw attention to particular artworks or fabulous architectural features or cabinetry.

Ambient lighting sets a mood – relaxing or upbeat, or can simply provide a safe path to bathrooms at night.

We specialise in helping you create the perfect lighting blend across all three lighting palettes to match the décor of your home and your lifestyle. We also help rationalise light switches, so choosing the right switch is intuitive and simple.

Whether you are looking to increase the energy efficiency of your home through replacing halogens with LED lights, want to install strip lighting to cabinetry or are looking for full service lighting design advice you’ll need a qualified electrician Strathpine, call us.

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Outdoor Lighting Design & Installation

Your garden and home exterior can be a stunning extension of your property with stylish outdoor lighting. We create garden and outdoor lighting that highlights visual focal points, sets a welcoming mood and increases safety.

Whether you need path or entertainment area lighting, or wish to extend your outdoor lighting across your full garden, pool and water features, we can create cost effective lighting solutions.

Our outdoor lighting installations in Strathpine are energy efficient, respectful of your neighbours and passers-by, and can operate on fully automated timers or be movement triggered.

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Pre-Purchase Electrical Inspections

When buying a home to live in or renovate, the quality of the electricals is often the last thing on your mind.

Our pre-purchase Strathpine electrical inspections check everything from whether or not your dream home is filled with Olsent or other recalled cabling that will need to be fully replaced, through to whether your circuits are overloaded.

We will hunt out dodgy DIY wiring that could impact on your insurance or safety, as well as ensuing any solar powered systems are legally compliant and in full working order. We will even advise you on the energy efficiency of the home!

With our easy to understand report, you will know exactly what you are getting into and what you may need to budget for with your new home.

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New Home Wiring & Home Extensions

When building a new home, or renovating an existing home whether single or multistorey brick, timber, or heritage listed property/Queenslander, your electricals are a vital part of the liveability of your property.

We do everything from full wiring, power points, data points, lights, switchboards and switchboard upgrades, ceiling fans, pool and air conditioning circuits.

One call and we will take care of all your electrical project needs for you. You can even tap into our trade discount arrangements with lighting and electrical suppliers to reduce your overall project costs.

You can trust us to deliver your project on time and on budget, working co-operatively with your other trades so your whole project is smooth and seamless.

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Kitchen Electricals

A great kitchen is the heart of every home. But what happens when an oven element blows, or you suddenly have one less hotplate working?

We troubleshoot and repair most makes and models of ovens and hotplates. We also disconnect your old oven and hotplate and connect your sparkling new appliance for you.

Why not add in extra power points or invest in points with inbuilt USB hubs for fast charging of your phones and tablets at the main workbench in your home?

We can improve the efficiency of task lighting or install strip lighting in cupboards and motion triggered lighting in pantries to make access easier. Talk with us and achieve the kitchen of your dreams.

hard wired smoke alarms serviced by our team

Hard-wired Smoke Alarms

High quality, hard-wired smoke alarms for your home saves lives. That’s why Queensland has passed new legislation requiring all new and existing homes be fitted with inter-connected hard-wired smoke alarms in every bedroom, hallways between bedrooms, and different storeys in your home.

It’s important for your safety that all new alarms are only fitted by licensed electrical contractors Strathpine, as they are the only people legally permitted to work with electrical wiring in Queensland.

We are fully licensed Strathpine electricians, and we install and maintain hard-wired smoke alarms for all size homes, whether single or multi-storey. We can help you comply with the new laws while keeping you and your family safe.

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Small Electrical Projects

While we are known for our bigger electrical projects, we also take care of all of those small electrical jobs around the home. No project is too small!

Need extra power points or home data points? Want to replace a light fitting or change your downlights? Need new ceiling fans? We can help.

You can trust us to turn up on time, give you a detailed quote before starting any work, and professionally finish your project with quality components.

Our rates are up-front and offer value for money. We don’t offer artificial discounts or under-quote only to jump up the rate down the track. We are open, honest and

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More Information About Our Electrician Strathpine

Leolec Electrical Services was founded by licenced electrical contractor Chris O’Brien to provide high-quality electrical services to residential and commercial properties in Brisbane.

Our approach is simple …

Exceptional electrical work completed with care.

We are not the cheapest Strathpine electricians on the market simply because we take the time, care and attention to detail to deliver a quality result for each and every project.

We never cut corners on safety, and only use trusted premium products and components to ensure you get the quality that lasts.

If you are looking for an electrical contractor you can trust to give you a detailed quote before they start, deliver clean and tidy work, and provide quality electrical solutions and exceptional customer service, then call us.

LeoLec Electrical Services

Founded by licensed electrical contractor, Chris O’Brien, LeoLec Electrical Services provides you with an electrician that you can count on. No matter what type of electrical services you need done in the Brisbane area, we can get them done for you.

A Simple Approach Completed with Care
Part of why we are able to offer such dependable service is because of our unique approach. We don’t seek to complicate the process. Rather, we keep our approach simple, and we always take extra care when completing the jobs that we do. We treat your home or business like it’s ours, and we plan on doing it right when you hire us to do it.

That’s why we aren’t necessarily the cheapest electrical company out there. Instead of offering you quick, cheap service, we would rather offer you premium service that’s done with the proper time, care and attention to detail that you expect for a licensed, certified electrician. We never cut corners or just rush through a job to hurry up and get it done. Your safety is too important to us for us to do that. We are committed to seeing to your electrical needs right the first time so that you don’t have to invest unnecessary time and money into it in the long run.

Safety First
Most importantly, we put your safety first. We treat our customers like members of the family, and want to make sure that your home or business is safe first and foremost. When you contact us to do electrical work in your home or business, you can be assured that we will do the work right and up to code to ensure your safety. We use high-quality products that we ourselves trust to ensure that we provide you with safe, premium service that will last.

Residential Electrical Service
LeoLec Electrical Services knows that you’ve worked hard for your home and that it should be a place where you can relax and unwind. We don’t want you to have to worry about a single power point, and that’s why we will take care of any home rewiring, switchboard upgrades or additional circuits that you need. We are also experts at designing the perfect lighting and will delight in creating the perfect lighting design to create the ideal mood in your home.

Commercial and Industrial Electrical Service
In addition to residential properties, we also work on commercial and industrial ones. We realize that the standards for commercial and industrial projects are exceptionally high, and we are up to the challenge because our own standards are high like that too. We complete all commercial and industrial projects on time and on budget.

Historic Building Electrical Service
The founder of LeoLec Electrical Services has also been involved in rewiring and fitting out many historical landmarks in the Brisbane area. He understands the challenges that come with restoring the wiring in historic locations, and he has a passion for doing so and brining both the interior and exterior of heritage buildings back to life.