Residential Lighting

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Interior Lighting Design & Installation

Gone are the days of a single bulb hanging in the middle of a room. Savvy property owners and renovators understand that interior lighting is painting with light across task, accent and ambient lighting palettes.

Task Lighting

Every home needs clear and uninterrupted task lighting over key areas such as kitchen benches, bathroom mirrors and home offices.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting through pendants and downlights can be a design feature in their own right or draw attention to particular artworks or fabulous architectural features or cabinetry.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting sets a mood – relaxing or upbeat, or can simply provide a safe path to bathrooms at night.

We specialise in helping you create the perfect lighting blend across all three lighting palettes to match the décor of your home and your lifestyle. We also help rationalise light switches, so choosing the right switch is intuitive and simple. Whether you simply want to install strip lighting to cabinetry or are looking for full-service lighting design advice, call us.

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LED Lighting

Safe | Energy Efficient | Closer to Natural Lighting

Are you looking to increase the energy efficiency of your home through replacing halogens with LED lights? We specialise in energy efficient LED lighting that delivers a kinder, more natural light without excess heat or fire risk.

Our LED lights come with up to a 7-year manufacturer warranty depending on the brand, which means less time changing bulbs and more time enjoying better quality lighting in your home.

Save money on your electric bills, while increasing the safety of your home, with modern, efficient LED lighting.

Outdoor Lighting Design & Installation

Stylish Outdoor Lighting | Path & Entertainment Area Lighting | Water Feature Lighting

Your garden and home exterior can be a stunning extension of your property with stylish outdoor lighting. We create garden and outdoor lighting that highlights visual focal points, sets a welcoming mood and increases safety.

Whether you need path or entertainment area lighting, or wish to extend your outdoor lighting across your full garden, pool and water features, we can create cost effective lighting solutions.

Our outdoor lighting installations are energy efficient, respectful of your neighbours and passers-by, and can operate on fully automated timers or be movement triggered.

Security Lighting & CCTV

Motion Activated Sensor Lights | CCTV With Smartphone & Internet Capabilities

You have worked hard for your home and business. Enhance the security of your property with motion-activated sensor lighting and CCTV systems.

Effective lighting in a property helps deter criminals and discourages anti-social behaviour. Motion-activated sensor lights delivers energy cost savings while also providing a clear deterrent for would-be wrongdoers.

CCTVs are an added deterrent and can also aid in criminal identification in case of any problems. We install state-of- the-art CCTV systems that can be securely viewed anywhere in the world from your smartphone or computer.

Protect your home and property no matter where you are 24/7 with our effective solutions.

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