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Experienced, Passionate Master Electricians

Look beyond those landscape lights illuminating beautiful Brisbane homes and estates, past that garage door going up, further than the power surging into the sound system and giant screen in that home theater and the smart security protecting homes and lifestyles. Behind all of them, without fanfare, is the mark of a craftsman.

It is our absolute commitment to make wiring your space a smooth and enjoyable experience and one that gives you quality living and peace of mind today and for years to come. While we don’t take ourselves too seriously, when it comes to our work, it’s serious business. For us it’s about straightforward and easy-to-understand electrical advice, awesome value for money, products that stand the test of time, mastery of our craft to deliver an accurate and efficient service, and most importantly, friendly, personal service. We treat every home and every commercial job like it was our own. Our team is passionate about delivering to the highest standards to make life easier, smoother, and more enjoyable and we are willing to put in the hard work to make this possible (we’ll work through a storm if we have to!). And we love a good challenge.

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Transforming homes and businesses across Brisbane with expert electrical craftsmanship, exceptional value, and a passion for making your life easier

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Air Conditioning

Experience comfort on demand with our top-notch air conditioning services, where your satisfaction is our cool commitment.

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Protecting what matters most – our security solutions provide peace of mind for homes and businesses, safeguarding your future.


Highly recommend Leolec for any job, big or small. A great team with exceptional customer service and workmanship to deliver and install exactly what we have wanted every time to the highest quality


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Leolec?

Leolec is a leading electrical service provider in Australia, offering a range of services from electrical installations to maintenance and repairs.

How long has Leolec been in the electrical industry?

Leolec has been serving the Australian community for several years, establishing a reputation for quality workmanship and exceptional customer service.

What services does Leolec provide?

Leolec offers a comprehensive range of electrical services, including residential and commercial electrical installations, air conditioning services, security system installations, and routine maintenance.

Why should I choose Leolec for my electrical needs?

Choosing Leolec ensures you’re working with a team of experienced and passionate master electricians who are committed to delivering the highest standards of service, ensuring safety and quality in every project.

Is Leolec licensed and insured?

Yes, Leolec is fully licensed and insured, ensuring that all work is carried out in compliance with Australian standards and regulations, giving customers peace of mind with every job.

Our Founder’s Story

Back in 2013, our founder, Chris O’Brien set out to create an electrical business that he was genuinely passionate about. One that embodied the same values of craftsmanship and quality that were inherent in the single malt whisky industry he was finely attuned with. And one where he could control the quality and outcomes for every single client. With his pioneering mind, audacious spirit, and true determination, Leolec Electrical was formed.

 Chris discovered his passion for electrical work as a young man building caravans. He was inspired by the local electrician who came and wired the caravans. For Chris, it seemed a bit like magic really – seeing how the significant ‘behind the scenes’ craft (“the stuff you don’t see”) brought the caravans to life with light and sound. He witnessed how technical it all really was and how the work could change a space entirely, enhancing living and well-being. Without this, the caravans were simply a box where no one would want to spend time. This was also where Chris understood the value of integrity, realising that no one really sees behind the wall except for the electrician. “It was up to you to hold yourself accountable” and Chris was passionate about delivering the highest quality.

During his career, Chris was fortunate to have been involved in rewiring and fitting out iconic Brisbane historic landmark properties including Boggo Road Goal, the Commissariat Stores Building, Customs House, the Queensland Parliament Building, and the General Post Office. These projects required great care and skill to ensure the integrity and beauty of these historical buildings were maintained. It was where he was able to hone his skills, especially in finding innovative solutions and concealing the work for a flawless finish – ensuring his work “fell into the background”. His depth of understanding of the challenges and legalities of working with electrical wiring and interior/exterior lighting for heritage-listed buildings means that he remains a preferred electrician for many historic Queenslander home renovations. 

Chris has also been involved in large multinational oil and gas electrical fit-out and maintenance projects in Australia and abroad as well as numerous high-rise fit-outs, the Tennyson Tennis Centre, and a new science centre for a prominent northside private school. These projects were significant and diverse and required incredible safety and quality standards. With critical time and budget constraints, these projects gave Chris strong experience in project management. Today he brings this large project expertise to small-scale residential, commercial, and industrial projects, which means all electrical work is completed safely, on time, and on budget.

Stepping into project estimation, Chris enjoyed working with clients face to face to come up with the best solution – achieving the triangle of quality, intelligent, and beautiful spaces. It’s why his team is so driven to listen, understand, and deliver to the needs of each customer – having conversations and understanding the vision.

Today things have become much more technical and specifications have become more rigid. In addition to religiously understanding and sticking to industry regulations, and providing clarity around these to clients, Chris is passionate about where technology is heading, and what it allows us to achieve in our homes and businesses. He is a stickler for quality (also revealed in his passion for fine single malt scotch whiskey). This focus on quality and innovation leads Chris to undertake significant personal research and development of new products in the market. Being able to provide customers with unbiased advice and clarity about the industry and the products is an essential component of the business.

Chris is committed to helping your home or business space work for you, and continue to work well. Electricity fuels our lives – our quality of life, and our businesses. Chris and his team believe that creating and maintaining a beautiful, functional, and safe space with high-quality electrical services should be easy, enjoyable, and cost-effective.

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Chris Working.
Chris Working.
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The Mission We’re On

In a nutshell, we are about intelligent wiring for wellbeing.

We’re on a mission to make it easy, enjoyable, and cost-effective to create and maintain intelligently wired homes, and commercial spaces that bring comfort, security, beauty, and joy. We’re all about spaces that make life brighter.

We want to help you make the smartest decision for your home and workplace when it comes to electrical, air-conditionaing, and security. Power and energy are the foundations of today’s lifestyle. We want to help create a beautiful life that works (and works, and works).

Powering quality living and peace of mind.

How We’re Wired – Our Ethos

Build great ‘Connections’ – Our business is built on relationships. We’re friendly, approachable, reliable, and kind and we believe in good old-fashioned conversation. We realise want someone you can trust with your home or commercial space, but someone you get along with too We really do treat people’s homes and businesses as if they were our own. We’re respectful of your time, your money, and your lifestyle. We aim for nothing less than ecstatic customers who are proud to recommend us.

Nothing but ‘Brilliant’ Quality: ‘Pride’ in our work – We are never, never ever one for shortcuts (or short circuits). We want to do work we’re proud of. Excellence and quality is our 100% commitment. We go above and beyond to deliver the very best and we won’t compromise on quality. Our focus is on durability and reliability. Our team is passionate about curating and serving quality products. This all means a much smoother life and absolute value for money.

Keep a light on the future and be ‘switched’ on – Here at Leolec we have a focus on continual improvement and a commitment to being at the forefront of our industry with respect to knowledge and understanding. We push ourselves and continue to evolve. We seek to continually lift the bar and offer better insights and ideas for our customers. It’s about bringing new and better ways to our clients to improve their lifestyle.

‘Spark’ wise choices – Education and transparency are core to the Leolec Electrical team. We love nothing more than giving our customers the information they need to make the smartest decision for their home and lifestyle. We are always upfront and honest about what’s achievable and we enjoy coming up with innovative solutions to secure your vision.

No false alarms – The Leolec team are always upfront, open and transparent. We won’t tell you one thing and then surprise you with something different during or at the end of a job. We set expectations upfront and always provide written quotes before any work begins. And we always deliver on promises.

Keep things ‘light’ – The business of wiring your home or business is serious. We want to ensure it is safe and reliable. However, we enjoy our work and bring fun and a good sense of humour every day.

Be willing to change ‘currents’ – We are resilient and determined. We are outcome focused and are willing to adapt to the vision and particulars of each project. With experience on large commercial and industrial projects as well as the precious historical buildings, we are used to having to find a way.

Be a ‘leader’, take accountability – “If it is to be, it’s up to me”. We absolutely guarantee our workmanship and will ensure a flawless finish. If for some reason there is a problem, we’ll fix issues fast. When it comes to product issues unrelated to our work, we’ll partner with you to make things happen. We have a “no problems, only solutions” attitude.

Deliver with ‘Passion’ – We are committed in heart and mind. We go all in to deliver for our clients. We love our industry and what it allows people to achieve in their home or business.