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Ducted & Split System Air Conditioning Brisbane Installation for Residential Homes and Commercial Spaces

Looking for quality air conditioning Brisbane installation without the hard sell?

Enjoy year-round comfort with modern, energy-efficient air conditioning. We install quality split-system or ducted air conditioning systems to Brisbane homes to help homeowners enjoy a more comfortable lifestyle.

Installing an air conditioner that works effectively for your home means taking account of the size and layout of rooms and windows, your home location and position on the block, your heating/cooling needs. Missing just one piece of the puzzle means you could install the wrong type or size of air conditioner, which will end up costing you more in the long run.

We take the time with you to explore your potential options, and will not push you to a decision with heavy-handed sales tactics, or trick you with cheap units that will not deliver what you need. Our reputation is built on open and honest consultation and quality workmanship.

Leolec Electrical are Arctick Certified air conditioning Brisbane installers, which means that we are trained, experienced, and deliver a quality finish. We understand how to select and install the perfect unit to deliver your lifestyle goals.

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Got questions about our Air Conditioning Brisbane services? We’ve got answers. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive at Leolec:

What types of air conditioning Brisbane services do you offer?

We provide a full range of air conditioning services in Brisbane, including installation, repair, maintenance, and servicing of all types of air conditioning systems. Whether you need a new system installed or an existing one serviced, our experienced team in Brisbane has got you covered.

Why should I choose your air conditioning Brisbane service?

Our air conditioning services in Brisbane are known for their quality, reliability, and affordability. We have a team of licensed and insured professionals who use the latest technology and adhere to industry standards. Our local presence means we understand the specific climate and needs of Brisbane residents, ensuring tailored solutions.

How quickly can you respond to air conditioning emergencies in Brisbane?

We understand that air conditioning issues can be urgent, especially in Brisbane’s hot and humid climate. That’s why we offer prompt response times, usually within 24 hours. Our team is always ready to provide efficient solutions to get your system back up and running.

Do you offer regular maintenance services for air conditioning systems in Brisbane?

Yes, we do. Regular maintenance is essential to keep your air conditioning system running smoothly and efficiently. Our maintenance services in Brisbane include routine inspections, cleaning, and necessary adjustments to ensure your unit performs at its best, saving you money in the long run.

Are your air conditioning Brisbane services environmentally friendly?

Absolutely. We’re committed to providing air conditioning Brisbane services that are both efficient and environmentally responsible. We use the latest technology and adhere to all environmental regulations to minimise energy consumption and reduce our carbon footprint. Our goal is to keep you cool while caring for our planet.

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When attention to detail and quality results matter for your electrical work, that’s where Leolec Electrical Services can help. We are qualified electrical contractors and Master Electricians who deliver superior results for your home, apartment or commercial property at honest, up-front rates.

We specialise in innovative lighting design and installation, quick response residential electrical, pre-purchase electrical inspections, property renovations, and commercial refits and fit outs.

Leolec delivers large scale innovation and thinking to small scale projects and budgets. You can count on us to deliver your project efficiently and on time every time.

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Leolec Electrical are Arctick Certified air conditioning installers, which means that we are trained, experienced and deliver a quality finish. We understand how to select and install the perfect unit to deliver your lifestyle goals.

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